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Dead Suns 029: Besides, You Know What A Cautious Fellow I Am

The Pyramid People of Ukulam

It’s another shopping spree on this week’s show, but this one presents a different sort of challenge. This time they’re headed out to an inhospitable jungle, and they have no idea how long they’ll be out there; therefore, resource management presents a thornier dilemma than your average “stock up on serums and grenades grocery run”. Also, after learning their lesson with the akatas, the team takes a long look at their ability (or inability) to deal with diseases and poisons.

Also, we’re giving away a free trip to PaizoCon 2018! Listen to the episode for full details on the contest and how to enter!

Also this week, GM Stephen discusses how to keep your gaming group together over the long haul. We also give a sneak peek of our interview next week with the Order of the Amber Die!

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