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About the Show

Welcome to ROLL FOR COMBAT, an actual play podcast set in Paizo’s Starfinder & Pathfinder role-playing universe. We are a group of friends and life-long RPG enthusiasts who have been gaming – both together and in our own circles – most of our lives and our current group have been running adventures together for over forty years!

Like a lot of gamers, the announcement of Starfinder immediately captured our curiosity. We had already decided to take a break from our Pathfinder game and kick the tires when Starfinder came out, but we figured it might be either educational or darkly comic (or maybe both) to let you listen in as we learn to swim by jumping into the deep end of the pool. The hope here is that we can offer both a nuts-and-bolts glimpse of the new system in action, as well as to offer an entertaining slice of life at the gaming table.

You’ll get to enjoy the unfolding of the story itself, you’ll get the fun and camaraderie of sitting at a gaming table with a group of friends, and you’ll get the occasional digressions into pop-culture because we just can’t control ourselves that way. In short, we want this to be everything you’d get from sitting at the table with us.