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Dead Suns 028: Six Degrees of Investigation


Nothing ever comes easy for our heroes, as it turns out Halkueem Zan’s documents are missing from the university archives. Even more worrisome, so is Doctor Solstarni, the leading authority on Zan’s work. Since Solstarni’s office shows evidence of foul play, Muhali calls in the local constabulary to help. Said constabulary played by this week’s special guests: Paizo’s Jason Keeley and friend of the show Rob Trimarco. In a case of “small world”, Rob separately knows Jason Keeley and also gamed with the boys back in NYC. Unclear what effect this has on Roll For Combat’s Bacon Number.

Also, we’re giving away a free trip to PaizoCon 2018! Listen to the episode for full details on the contest and how to enter!

Also this week, GM Stephen discusses how adding playable NPCs can spice up your game!

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