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Seth Lipton

Seth Lipton (Gomez) has been playing, and running games since the release of the Holms editions Basic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set in the late 70s. Since that time, he’s been involved as a player and GM in gaming organizations and private clubs, from organizing a local gaming convention in college, to later running games at local conventions, to GMing tournaments at Gen Con. His experience with all genres of RPGs is extensive, be it tabletop, online, video game & MOO, LARP, fantasy, science fiction, horror, tactical, story-based, rule-heavy, or diceless, but his first and true love has always been classic dungeon crawling quasi-medieval fantasy. He’s played every edition of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, and he still enjoys dungeon mastering his own versions of that first and most iconic dungeon adventure, which started it all, Basic Dungeons and Dragons Module B1: Search for the Unknown.

He also enjoys all of the entertainment and culture which owe their heritage to RPGS, being a fan of Isekai Anime, as well has fantasy genre video gaming, movies, and television. Name something that could involve a Dungeon and a Dragon, and it’s a fair bet you’ll find Seth Lipton there.

Adventures: Agents of Edgewatch (Pathfinder Adventure Path: Agents of Edgewatch), Tales from the Black Lodge.