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Rob Pontious

Rob Pontious (Ateran) is a lover of TTRPGs starting way back with D&D 1st Ed and now Pathfinder and the World of Darkness. He DM/GM/Storytells more than he plays, but he loves crafting a story whether for a world or a character, enjoying the collaborative nature of the game.  You may know him as a member of Order of the Amber Die, as a blogger for Know Direction’s Investing In article series, or maybe that tall guy you met at a convention.

Rob’s a resident of Rhode Island and a football fan, works in web commerce by day, and enjoys writing and gaming as a creative outlet.  He’s a gamer of board games, video games (Dragon Age!), card games, and even done a little LARPing in his time.  He’s also a GAYMER!  He loves meeting new people and wants to celebrate them and their interests with a motto of work hard, play harder!

Adventures: Three Ring Adventure (Pathfinder Adventure Path: Extinction Curse)