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The World of Warcraft Diary Sneak Preview!

World of Warcraft Diary 1

One of our very own Roll For Combat team members is kickstarting a book about what it truly takes to make video games!

John Staats, who plays Maurice “Mo” Dupinski in our Dead Suns Starfinder campaign, has written a book about his years at Blizzard and what it took to create one of the greatest video games of all time!

John was on the World of Warcraft team for over 10 years and his book is a VERY detailed look at how they made Vanilla WOW. He sent me an advance copy and I’m still reading (it’s over 300 pages), but look out for it on Kickstarter soon!

World of Warcraft Diary 2

While John was developing World of Warcraft, he took constant notes, created monthly updates, and interviewed his co-workers throughout the development of the project. I count 140 pictures (all with captions) in the book, most of which I’ve never seen before and they’re all very behind-the-scenes.

With hundreds of never-seen-before pictures and behind-the-scenes interviews, this is a must-read for anyone interested in video game development or the history of World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft Diary 3

John’s been working this book for over for two years, and he recently got permission from Blizzard to use their content. Next week he’s launching his Kickstarter campaign where you can pick up a copy of this amazing book. If you’re into computer games, check out his webpage where you can read more about this book:

Good luck John, and look for more information in the near future about this amazing look into one of the most popular games in history!