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Roll For Combat Loot Box of Wonder

When we first started this podcast I wasn’t sure where we would end up, but getting a published title (even if it’s a small title) written was Thurton Hillman wasn’t really on my radar at the time. However, fate and chance are a strange thing, and we were lucky enough to get Thurton to create for the show a wonderfully fun Starfinder magic item that can be used by everyone!

Part video game loot box, part deck of many things, this magic item was featured in our latest Episode 23: The Mysteries of Lootboxing and you can now download this item for free at DriveThruRPG right here!

Some of its amazing features include:

    • Two Page Introduction (almost)! Don’t you hate it when you buy a new RPG product and it only comes with a one-page introduction … or no introduction at all? With the Loot Box of Wonder, you get two whole pages of introduction (almost), that’s quality right there!
    • Lesser Loot Box of Wonder! Specially designed to cause havoc for low to mid-level PCs of all kinds, the Lesser Loot Box of Wonder will amaze and mystify your PCs and their friends!
    • Greater Loot Box of Wonder! But wait, there’s more! With the Greater Loot Box of Wonder now you can unleash mayhem on even the highest level of PCs! Bring those high-level PCs down a peg or two!
    • Twelve Full-Color Pages! Unlike other inferior products with nine pages or less, this product has not 10 pages, not 11 pages, but 12 whole pages! And all in full-color! Value city!
    • Skittermanders! Everything is better with Skittermanders, and this product has Skittermanders galore!

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