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PaizoCon 2018: Roll For Combat/Know Direction/Order of the Amber Die Q&A Session

Recorded live from PaizoCon 2018, Jefferson Jay Thacker (a.k.a. Perram) from the Know Direction Podcast interviews the Roll For Combat crew along with the Order of the Amber Die. Find out why the Roll For Combat crew doesn’t have a healer? Learn about the time the Order gamed so hard they ended up in the hospital. And finally, will Jason end up wearing a fish mask? Find out all of this a more!

  • Roll For Combat Crew: Stephen Glicker, Jason McDonald, Bob Markee, John Staats.
  • Order of the Amber Die: Adam Smith, Aerick Lim, Erick Germer, Savannah Broadway.
  • Know Direction Podcast: Jefferson Jay Thacker (a.k.a. Perram).