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Dead Suns 025: Keeping Up with the Combatians

Pact Worlds Starfinder Playtest PaizoCon

ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS: We here at Roll For Combat recognize that jumping into an existing podcast can be a daunting task, especially one like this that involves an unfolding story. To help newer listeners out, we’ve prepared a brief synopsis at the start of this episode that will catch you up on the story so far. Give it a listen, and you’ll be ready to join us, all caught up ready to jump right into the podcast. Enjoy the show!

It’s a jam-packed 25th episode of Roll For Combat, as we finish Book 1 of Dead Suns and start on Book 2. After a space combat session that didn’t make for good listening (SPOILER: we won!), the team returns Absalom Station to find themselves newly minted reality… holo-vid?… celebrities: it turns their Drift Rock adventures have been turned into a hot new reality show. The boys finally get some answers from Gevalarsk Nor, and they bid farewell to their NPC companions. The crew then takes a little break to do some shopping and strategize on their characters before checking back in with the Starfinder Society to receive their next mission.

We also have a special guest join us on this episode. Jason Keeley, author, editor, and Developer at Paizo Inc., creators of the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Games. We discuss with him what goes into developing an adventure path campaign, the upcoming Starfinder Pact Worlds hardcover book, the recently announced Pathfinder Playtest, and we dig up a surprise from Jason’s past!

Also, we’re giving away a free trip to PaizoCon 2018! Listen to the episode for full details on this contest and how to enter! And don’t forget to become a supporter of the podcast at our Patreon page: where you can help us while unlocking fun exclusive rewards for yourself!