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Prue Frosthammer

Prue Frosthammer

Most lives learn of hardship as time marches on. Others are born of hardship and know no other existence.

Prue Frosthammer comes from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, and she takes the familial name of her adoptive father, a frost giant called Golgot Frosthammer, who slew her birth father, a savage orc named Rok Grimtusk, who murdered her birth mother, a half-elven traveling merchant who’s name Prue never learned. Prue was discovered by Golgut in the flames of a burning orcish yurt after his tribe decimated a band of Grimtusk marauders that were causing trouble in his territory. Golgot trained Prue to wield her anger as a weapon in defense against a cruel and uncaring world. He taught her martial skills and runes to bind spirits to her call who had been wronged in life. Finally, after he could teach her no more of his ways, he arranged for a squire-ship in Lastwall, that she might have an attempt at a better life.

Then the Whispering Tyrant and his horde of undead destroyed Lastwall. Prue soon found herself on a cart traveling South away from the Tyrant’s destruction and even further away from her home.

Prue is played by Loren Sieg.