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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 120
Dead Suns 120: The Five Stooges
By on 01.24.20
This week the RFC Crew are showered with priceless treasures ... and the GM is meet with nothing but endless complaints. Ingrates! Also, learn how you can get access to our new ... READ MORE
Episode 119
Dead Suns 119: Interview with the Undead
By on 01.17.20
As our heroes get closer and closer to their final confrontation with the Final Boss™, the RFC Crew have a nice little chat with the ship’s captain. It's monologue time! Als... READ MORE
Episode 118
Dead Suns 118: Undead of Unusual Size
By on 01.10.20
What’s better than an epic fight with a gargantuan magical beast? How about a fight with four gargantuan magical beasts! And don’t forget to become a supporter of the podcas... READ MORE
Episode 117
Dead Suns 117: The Taking of Blackwind 123
By on 01.03.20
This week the RFC Crew reach a new level and get a crash course on grav-train maintenance. As a bonus, we go over the history of the classic heist movie The Taking of Pelham 123. ... READ MORE
Episode 116
Dead Suns 116: Whip It Good
By on 12.27.19
What's more annoying than one player who hates to take damage and tries to avoid direct combat at all costs? How about two players! Mirror Image and holographic clones all day long... READ MORE
Episode 115
Dead Suns 115: I Bite My Thumb At You!
By on 12.20.19
This week the RFC Crew start the long process of taking over the supercolossal ultranought and stumble upon their first serious encounter – public transportation! Also this we... READ MORE
Episode 114
Dead Suns 114: Mo Them Down
By on 12.13.19
This week the RFC Crew encounter their toughest encounter to date – hacking into a tier 10 computer! Also this week, GM Stephen brings back the Roll For Combat Contest! Just l... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone
Episode 26
Plaguestone 26: U Can’t Touch This
By on 01.21.20
Orcs, orcs, and more orcs. The RFC Gang encounters a clown-car of orcs this week and has to pull out all the stops before getting overwhelmed. Also, learn more about the new upc... READ MORE
Episode 25
Plaguestone 25: Have Fun Storming the Castle!
By on 01.14.20
The time has finally come for the RFC Gang to find and confront Vilree once and for all! Of course, they first need to find her hideout ... it’s time for adventure! Also this ... READ MORE
Episode 24
Plaguestone 24: Medieval Regression Search
By on 01.07.20
This week Celes decides to explore her past, and discovers that she comes from a long line of hoarders! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where you can play games... READ MORE
Episode 23
Plaguestone 23: The Legend of Ol’ Woody
By on 12.31.19
In order to appease his god, Brixley offers the ultimate sacrifice to both his body and mind — a shot from Ol’ Woody! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where ... READ MORE
Episode 22
Plaguestone 22: Prince of the Forest
By on 12.24.19
This week Cade earns a new title for both himself and his forever unclean dagger. And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where you can play games, talk with the cast, ... READ MORE
Episode 21.5
SP20: Pathfinder Interview with Paizo Publisher Erik Mona & Future of Pathfinder
By on 12.18.19
If you enjoyed this interview make sure to check out the Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone Actual Play Podcast! as well as our Dead Suns Actual Play Podcast. Welcome... READ MORE
Episode 21
Plaguestone 21: Crystal Crushers
By on 12.17.19
This week RFC Gang explores the “petting zoo from Hell” and discovers a few stay animals that were left behind. Also this week, GM Stephen announces the winner of the Amazon... READ MORE