Episodes - Roll For Combat: Your Friendly Neighborhood Actual Play Podcast
Episode 33
By on 05.08.18
After facing a dinosaur stampede, scorpion-bat-monkeys, and a 10-ton, mind-controlling, paralysis-inducing plant-creature, th... READ MORE
Episode 32.5
By on 05.02.18
The Roll For Combat Starfinder Society continues their adventure through Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-... READ MORE
Episode 32
By on 05.01.18
The team finds their way to the first waypoint mentioned in Halukeem Zan’s journal, a giant obelisk in the middle of the ju... READ MORE
Episode 31
By on 04.24.18
After spending days in the world of academia, tracking down leads, shopping, and packing the boys finally head out into Ukala... READ MORE
Episode 30.5
By on 04.23.18
We are proud to announce our new show, Roll For Combat Starfinder Society! This is our first foray into Starfinder Society ... READ MORE
Episode 30
By on 04.17.18
Huge show this week. First, the boys finally make it out to the jungle ... only be faced with a packing dilemma. With no hope... READ MORE
Episode 29
By on 04.10.18
It's another shopping spree on this week's show, but this one presents a different sort of challenge. This time they're heade... READ MORE