Episodes - Roll For Combat: Your Friendly Neighborhood Actual Play Podcast
Episode 39
By on 06.19.18
After two sessions of non-stop fighting, the guys are nearly out of hit points and the enemies are hunkered down in a defensi... READ MORE
Episode 38
By on 06.12.18
The guys slowly make their way around to the entrance at the feet of the elf-statue where Mo’s imaginary friend decides to ... READ MORE
Episode 37
By on 06.05.18
The gang has reached 4th level and have a whole new bag of tricks up their sleeves. However, their impressive progress comes ... READ MORE
Episode 36.5
By on 06.04.18
What happens when the Starfinder crew from Roll For Combat run into the Pathfinder Iconics from Order of the Amber Die? P... READ MORE
Episode 36
By on 05.29.18
After successfully riding our last week's moldstorm, the gang continues their trek through the jungle. However, some of the ... READ MORE
Episode 35
By on 05.22.18
After Rusty and Hirogi survive a day in the Ukalam jungle wearing no armor, others decide to go the clothing-optional route ... READ MORE
Episode 34.5
By on 05.16.18
The Roll For Combat Starfinder Society concludes their playthrough of Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-10... READ MORE