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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 103
Dead Suns 103: Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
By on 09.27.19
When a Dwarf appears in power armor, smoking a cigar, and wielding a minigun you know what that means! It’s boss battle time! Also this week, GM Stephen celebrates our 2nd ann... READ MORE
Episode 102
Dead Suns 102: Grenade Expectations
By on 09.20.19
The RFC Crew start their exploration of the secret Cult of the Devourer lair, killing everything in their way … with grenades galore! And don’t forget to join our Discord ch... READ MORE
Episode 101
Dead Suns 101: Rusty Has A Posse
By on 09.13.19
This week the RFC Crew hit the double digits, the group holds an intervention, and, eventually, they decide to finally start the next leg of their adventure! And don’t forget ... READ MORE
Episode 100
Dead Suns 100: How The Sausage Gets Made
By on 09.06.19
This week we celebrate episode 100 of the Dead Suns Roll For Combat Podcast and give you a little peek “behind the scenes”. The first half of the episode is our normal gameplay... READ MORE
Episode 99
Dead Suns 099: Bravely Run Away!
By on 08.30.19
The RFC Crew continue their fight against the incorporeal mini-boss and slowly run away ... er, perform a tactical retreat. Also this week, GM Stephen discusses death and dying ... READ MORE
Episode 98
Dead Suns 098: Shock It To Me
By on 08.23.19
This week the RFC Crew decide to skip the rest of the dungeon and face the big bad boss ... even though they are grossly under-leveled. Should be a fun week! Also this week, GM ... READ MORE
Episode 97
Dead Suns 097: Cheese & Crackers
By on 08.16.19
This week the RFC Crew name their numerous pets, discover a new friend, and fight amongst themselves (somebody needs a nap). Also this week, GM Stephen discovers that combat in ... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone
Episode 12
Plaguestone 12: The Cade & Prue Variety Hour!
By on 10.15.19
After focusing on Celes last week, it’s time for Cade and Prue to get into the side-quest business with the Cade and Prue Variety Hour! And don’t forget to join our Discord ... READ MORE
Episode 11
Plaguestone 11: Gather Information For Old Men
By on 10.08.19
After leveling up the gang decides to “work on themselves” this week – Celes undergoes a spiritual journey, Cade tests out his skills, Prue gets bored, and Brixley finds some... READ MORE
Pathfinder Society Quest #1: The Sandstone Secret
By on 10.07.19
We are proud to announce our new show, Roll For Combat Pathfinder Society! For our inaugural show, we are playing The Sandstone Secret by Linda Zayas-Palmer. Joining us we have Ma... READ MORE
Episode 10
Plaguestone 10: Shopping Spree!
By on 10.01.19
After nearly dying (several times) the RFC Crew emerged victoriously, reached level two, and found a ton of sweet loot. Which means it’s time to head back to town for a good ole ... READ MORE
Episode 9
Plaguestone 09: Crit Happens
By on 09.24.19
This week the RFC Crew learn firsthand that “Hallod the town bully” certainly earned his title as they are about to have the fight of their lives. And don’t forget to join... READ MORE
Episode 8
Plaguestone 08: Murderous Disco Dancing
By on 09.17.19
This week the RFC Crew face rabid dogs, poop problems, and shocking developments, all leading to a near-death experience! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where y... READ MORE
Episode 7
Plaguestone 07: Traps R Us
By on 09.10.19
It’s off to the races for the RFC Crew this week as they literally chase down a lead. And then we get to see just how many traps the RFC Crew can set off this week? (Answer: all ... READ MORE