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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 88
088: God Things Come in Small Packages
By on 06.11.19
Now that Tuttle has become AEON TUTTLE, perhaps they RFC Crew will have a fighting chance against the horribly overpowered boss they have been fighting. Or not… Also this week... READ MORE
Episode 87
087: What’s in the Box?
By on 06.04.19
The RFC Crew continue their fight with the CR 10 Solarian, who due to a “misprint” by Paizo, has the armor of a CR 17 Solarian. WHOOPS!!! I guess it’s TPK-time … that is un... READ MORE
Episode 86
086: Always Be Killing
By on 05.28.19
The RFC Crew is a man down and beat to hell, but they continue their death match into the temple depths! Never give up, never surrender! Also, this week GM Stephen explains why ... READ MORE
Episode 85
085: Snap, Crackle, Crit
By on 05.21.19
The RFC Crew continue their trek through the temple, which is starting to look more and more like a “Bad Case of the Mondays!” Also, we announce the final winner of the Pai... READ MORE
Episode 84
084: Severe Weather Advisory
By on 05.14.19
After a messy fight, the RFC Crew continue their trek through the temple where they stumble upon a violent school field trip? Also, we announce another winner of the PaizoCon 2... READ MORE
Episode 83
083: He Slimed Me
By on 05.07.19
The crew leveled up, they rested, it’s time for them to storm the castle … err, temple! Also, SM Stephen is looking for volunteers to play a live game of Grimmerspace at Pai... READ MORE
Episode 82
082: Stop, Level, and Listen
By on 04.30.19
After last week's harrowing escape, the RFC crew take a well-deserved break and Rusty goes all C-3PO back at the village. Also, we announce another winner of the PaizoCon 2019... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone
Episode 0
Plaguestone 00: Welcome to Roll For Combat
By on 07.29.19
This episode will give you a quick rundown of the Roll For Combat, Pathfinder: The Fall of Plaguestone Actual Play Podcast, introduce you to the players, their characters, and what... READ MORE