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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 77
077: Feed Me, Akiro!
By on 03.26.19
Just when you think things couldn’t get any weirder, Paizo’s Jason Keeley (and author of The Ruined Clouds) and “friend of the show” Rob Trimarco are back and playing the... READ MORE
Episode 76
076: The Slug Defense
By on 03.19.19
Welcome to the team Akiro the Just. He’s a literal offspring of demons, he’s got skulls and spikes all over his armor, but he says he’s a good guy. SEEMS LEGIT. Also, we... READ MORE
Episode 75
075: Into the Hirogi-Verse
By on 03.12.19
Last week Hirogi threw caution to the wind and stepped into the “chamber of renewal” after Tuttle believed he fixed it. As to what comes out, well, you’ll have to listen to ... READ MORE
Episode 74
074: Healthcare Beyond the Pact Worlds
By on 03.05.19
At the House of Renewal, the curse might kill you faster than the disease. Meanwhile, Tuttle thinks he’s got a handle on the House’s alien healing technology, but will someone ... READ MORE
Episode 73
073: Bringing A Bow To A Gunfight
By on 02.26.19
The RFC crew are strangers in a strange land and find a civilization collapsed and ravaged by time. Can the RFC crew make friends and find the evil cultists before they “accident... READ MORE
Episode 72
072: We’re Not in The Drift Anymore
By on 02.19.19
After a tumultuous few weeks of space combat, the RFC crew are finally out of the Drift and onto Nejeor, where the RFC crew expect to make friends with the natives … after a few... READ MORE
Episode 71
071: Ship Happens
By on 02.12.19
Last week the RFC crew started a fight with the Azlanti Star Empire … and might have met their match. But one way or another this starship combat is going to end this week, and i... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone