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Episode 81
By on 04.23.19
The party is split, they are trapped inside a collapsing building, and being attacked by a massive swarm. Run away! Also, ... READ MORE
Episode 80
By on 04.16.19
The number one rule when playing an RPG is “never split the party”. Doing so is nearly always a recipe for a TPK. So when... READ MORE
Episode 79.5
By on 04.10.19
If you enjoyed this interview make sure to check out our weekly actual play podcast where we’re playing through the Starfin... READ MORE
Episode 79
By on 04.09.19
Now that Jason Keeley and Rob Trimarco have been sent on their merry way, it’s time for the RFC Crew to get back to the ... READ MORE
Episode 78
By on 04.02.19
The RFC Crew have faced many challenges during their adventures – deadly jungles, undead planets, academia! But this week ... READ MORE
Episode 77
By on 03.26.19
Just when you think things couldn’t get any weirder, Paizo’s Jason Keeley (and author of The Ruined Clouds) and “frie... READ MORE
Episode 76
By on 03.19.19
Welcome to the team Akiro the Just. He’s a literal offspring of demons, he’s got skulls and spikes all over his armor, b... READ MORE