Episodes - Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast
Episode 59
By on 11.06.18
After their asteroid adventure, the crew decide to head back to Absalom Station, sell several thousand credits worth of stol... READ MORE
Episode 58
By on 10.30.18
With the secret cultist base fully explored and no leads it’s time to go back to Absalom Station and regroup. Of course, th... READ MORE
Episode 57
By on 10.23.18
With the cultist base empty, the RFC crew decide it’s time to move on… and do some shopping! After months of adventuring ... READ MORE
Episode 56
By on 10.16.18
Confusion abounds this week where the PCs attack their allies as often as the bad guys. Plus, more face melting traps! But th... READ MORE
Episode 55.5
By on 10.11.18
If you enjoyed this interview make sure to check out our weekly actual play podcast where we’re playing through the Starfin... READ MORE
Episode 55
By on 10.09.18
If you can’t find any cultists to beat on, hit yourself instead! At least, that’s what happens when you throw mind-contro... READ MORE
Episode 54
By on 10.02.18
This week the team scours the asteroid for that secret cultist base and the team is saved from certain death by technical pro... READ MORE