Episodes - Roll For Combat: Your Friendly Neighborhood Actual Play Podcast
Episode 46
By on 08.07.18
After months of chasing Devourer Cultists through the horrific jungles of Ukulam, the crew finally meet their nemesis... the ... READ MORE
Episode 45.5
By on 08.02.18
Make sure to read our review of Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook! Welcome to a special edition of Roll For Combat, and we're e... READ MORE
Episode 45
By on 07.31.18
The bad guys have a button too! What happens after they push the button? Probably not a good thing... and how many times can ... READ MORE
Episode 44
By on 07.24.18
After countless months of trouncing through a horrible jungle, fighting terrible beasts, and facing death a dozen times, have... READ MORE
Episode 43
By on 07.17.18
Last week the gang found the Temple of the Twelve, attempted to enter ... and barely escaped with their lives. Now they need ... READ MORE
Episode 42
By on 07.10.18
After trekking through the jungle for weeks, the gang finally reach their destination – the Temple of the Twelve. Of course... READ MORE
Episode 41.5
By on 07.09.18
The Roll For Combat Starfinder Society concludes their adventure through Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-... READ MORE