Episodes - Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast

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Episode 70
By on 02.05.19
ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS: We here at Roll For Combat recognize that jumping into an existing podcast can be a daunting task, ... READ MORE
Episode 69
By on 01.29.19
As the RFC crew prepare for a near-certain suicide mission, they must make some tough decisions as they level up to 7th level... READ MORE
Episode 68
By on 01.22.19
Last we left our heroes, half of the RFC crew dropped and the “big bad boss” just rose from the dead. Will they live? Wil... READ MORE
Episode 67
By on 01.15.19
With the RFC crew out of leads, they decide to head back to town … walking back through the radioactive boneyards of Eox c... READ MORE
Episode 66
By on 01.08.19
Welcome back everyone, and welcome to 2019! After a much-needed vacation, the RFC crew is back and ready to track down those ... READ MORE
Episode 65
By on 12.18.18
Note: The show will be taking a two-week winter vacation break and will return on January 8, 2019, with new episodes. When... READ MORE
Episode 64
By on 12.11.18
The RFC crew head out into the blasted lands of Eox where horrors abound … and they manage to stumble upon one of the large... READ MORE