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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 110
Dead Suns 110: Tuttle Mnemonic
By on 11.15.19
Is there anything Tuttle can’t do? Half-god, computer genius, owner of CHDRR – Tuttle has it all! And it’s a good thing too as this week he’ll put his skills to the utmost ... READ MORE
Episode 109
Dead Suns 109: I’m The Captain Now
By on 11.08.19
The Sunrise Maiden is a lost cause, so it’s time to hotwire an Eoxian spacecraft and ... do something really dangerous and stupid! Also this week, GM Stephen gives details on ... READ MORE
Episode 108
Dead Suns 108: She Blinded Mo With Science!
By on 11.01.19
The RFC Crew face their largest fight to date and suffer at least one death – the destruction of the Sunrise Maiden! Also, Mo is struck with hysterical blindness and incredibly b... READ MORE
Episode 107
Dead Suns 107: Beemer Bingo
By on 10.25.19
ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS: We here at Roll For Combat recognize that jumping into an existing podcast can be a daunting task, especially one like this that involves an unfolding sto... READ MORE
Episode 106
Dead Suns 106: Crush! Kill! Destroy!
By on 10.18.19
After years of chasing down leads, exploring strange planets, and encountering horrific encounters, the RFC Crew finally faces the leader of the Cult of the Devourer! Plus, we have... READ MORE
Episode 105
Dead Suns 105: Do NOT Go In There!
By on 10.11.19
This week the RFC Crew stumble upon a barricaded and locked bathroom that has been sealed up for hundreds of thousands of years. What could possibly go wrong? And don’t forget... READ MORE
Episode 104
Dead Suns 104: Bizarro Tuttle
By on 10.04.19
This week Tuttle meets his Mirror Universe doppelganger and worlds collide! Also, a sneak preview of our new podcast next week, the Pathfinder Society Quest The Sandstone Secret. ... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone
Episode 19
Plaguestone 19: Cade Kale Bane
By on 12.03.19
This week it’s back to business and, once again, the RFC Gang has to contend with killer plants galore! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where you can play game... READ MORE
Episode 18
Plaguestone 18: Country Rogue, Take Me Home
By on 11.26.19
This week the RFC Gang decides to skip the adventure of killing monsters and instead go on the adventure of working on themselves! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel... READ MORE
Episode 17
Plaguestone 17: The Dragon & The Thief
By on 11.19.19
After another week of fighting the RFC Gang take a rest with a little turnip mead and gambling! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where you can play games, talk wi... READ MORE
Episode 16
Plaguestone 16: The Killer Bs
By on 11.12.19
This week we reflect on some rules that were done slightly incorrectly last week (and how to correct them for your home game) and the RFC Gang finally decide to do something they n... READ MORE
Episode 15
Plaguestone 15: Bushwhacked
By on 11.05.19
In the world of Pathfinder, there are a lot of ways to die. Killed by a mighty dragon, mauled by a powerful ogre, or turned to stone by a basilisk. But this week Brixley discovers ... READ MORE
Episode 14
Plaguestone 14: Brix It Up
By on 10.29.19
Last week a mysterious Ranger asked the RFC Crew to help investigate strange blights throughout the forest, but before they can adventure throughout the forest, it’s sidequest wr... READ MORE
Episode 13
Plaguestone 13: The Spirit’s Spirits
By on 10.22.19
This week it’s Brixley’s turn to get into the sidequest game when a simple crafting request turns into a holy quest! Also, Prue & Cade’s pub gets one step closer to compl... READ MORE