Episodes - Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast

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Episode 16
By on 01.09.18
SPECIAL GUEST ALERT! Paizo Organized Play Lead Developer John Compton joins us this week for a sit-down interview about his r... READ MORE
Episode 15
By on 01.02.18
The team continues their investigation and finally reaches the Acreon’s bridge, but it's a bad day for Tuttle – CHDRR 2.0... READ MORE
Episode 14
By on 12.26.17
The team discusses the pros and cons of opening a huge box on a quarantined spaceship filled with rabid space dogs, they slow... READ MORE
Episode 13
By on 12.19.17
The team tests the theory that the best cure for space rabies is fighting more space dogs. Rusty and Hirogi haggle over gun r... READ MORE
Episode 12
By on 12.12.17
The team boards the Arceon and gets a rude welcome from the new inhabitants, a pack of what can loosely be described as space... READ MORE
Episode 11
By on 12.05.17
The boys board the Hippocampus and leave the safety of Absalom Station for open space. At first, the biggest danger confronti... READ MORE
Episode 10
By on 11.28.17
On the heels of accepting the job investigating the Acreon, both Astral Extractions and the Hardscrabble Collective reach out... READ MORE