Episodes - Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast
Episode 4
By on 10.17.17
A trip to Kreel’s apartment and further investigation reveal an intricate web involving Absalom’s street gangs as muscle ... READ MORE
Episode 3
By on 10.10.17
Absalom's Finest work a little “Good Cop, Emotionless Android Cop” against the boys, Tuttle engages in a little light in... READ MORE
Episode 2
By on 10.03.17
The Roll For Combat crew hits the ground running as they’re dropped into the middle of a firefight between rival gangs. Hir... READ MORE
Episode 1
By on 09.26.17
Note for new listeners: This episode acts an introduction episode to the characters, players, and Starfinder game setting. ... READ MORE