Episodes - Roll For Combat: A Starfinder & Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast
Episode 24
By on 03.06.18
The crew returns to the Drift Rock and the crew finally finds a way home. Unfortunately, it's being guarded by... something. ... READ MORE
Episode 23
By on 02.27.18
Things are finally looking up for the Roll For Combat crew, they even manage to find some mysterious loot that might just be ... READ MORE
Episode 22
By on 02.20.18
The team finishes off the remaining zombified Arceon crew, and finish exploring the caverns before turning their attention to... READ MORE
Episode 21
By on 02.13.18
The party learns the hard way that combat gets unpredictable when people start running into each other in zero-gravity. We al... READ MORE
Episode 20
By on 02.06.18
Our ever-growing party of adventurers explores even deeper into the Drift Rock. After making short work of a warm-up fight, t... READ MORE
Episode 19
By on 01.30.18
“Attacking the darkness” stops being funny when the darkness hits back, as the team crosses paths with an old adversary. ... READ MORE
Episode 18
By on 01.23.18
We start our episode with a partial look at the official character sheet for John Compton’s FrankenCHDRR rebuild. Chainsaw ... READ MORE