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Rob Csiki

Rob Csiki

Champaign, IL based Rob Csiki has 30 years of professional experience as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, creative director, and a dynamic artistic collaborator. He currently operates ChickyGeek Studio creating digital art for comics, film, television, toy companies, and video game developers.

Over the past 30+ years he has worked with various toy and hobby companies in the areas of: conceptual illustrator, screen print artist, packaging and product designer. During that time he has gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the fields of marketing, branding and product development. Some of the his clients have included: IDW Publishing, USAopoly, Loot Crate, Hasbro, Marvel, Estes, Revell, Racing Champions/ERTL, Maisto, Bburago, Nascar, Stombecker and Tootsie toys.

He is currently focused on using his experience and talents to create unique and highly desirable poster art for film and television. His work has been seen by the geek community on various social network outlets. Rob has also garnered the praise and excitement of a growing list people in the movie industry including: James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, Peyton Reed, Ron Perlman, and Doug Jones.

Michael Gordon Shapiro

Mike Shaprio

Los Angeles-based Michael Gordon Shapiro composes for film, games, television, theater, and the concert hall. Classically trained, he delivers a romantic sound that blends the acoustic orchestra, evocative soloists, and organic-sounding electronics.

Michael’s background spans both film/television scoring and the more technical discipline of music for games. He entered the game world as audio director of Boston-based Zoesis Studios, where he composed live orchestral scores and designed the studio’s adaptive music system.

His feature film credits include Home Room (starring Erika Christensen, Victor Garber, and Busy Phillips), Against Time (starring Robert Loggia and with Craig T. Nelson), and a catalog of projects ranging from intimate documentary to over-the-top thriller. He contributes to top-tier production libraries such as APM and Extreme Music. His music has been used on such television shows as Nip/Tuck, Spongebob Squarepants, The Joe Schmo Show, Undercover Boss, and many others.

Thurston Hillman

Thurston Hillman

So you want to know about me? First off, I’m the Developer for the Starfinder Society organized play campaign for Paizo. In this capacity, I work alongside the rest of the Organized Play team to bring you the best campaign we can provide!

I was born and raised in chilly Winnipeg, Manitoba—that’s in Canada for all you non-Canadian folks out there. I grew up in French immersion schools, but I don’t profess to be fluent in the language. I do speak somewhat passable French. Grammar and spelling in French still elude me… as does English, but that’s what editors are for! [Tip your editors, folks]

At the age of eight, I started getting into role-playing games when a wacky cousin of mine came over and showed me several D&D books. A few weeks later I was down at the local game store and got roped into a game of Battletech down in the stuffy basement of the store. From that point onward, I was hooked. For three years I was an editor on the TenTonHammer network, working under the pseudonym Ratboy, where I managed their World of Warcraft site and had a brief tenure on the Warhammer Online site.

Now, I work full-time in the game writing industry. While continuing my specialization in writing for the games industry, I’m also available on contract for a variety of other writing. I do consultation work in the IT industry, offering content fulfillment, process documentation, and project management services.

Thirsty appeared in the very first episode of Roll For Combat as our intrepid guide and Starfinder Society contact, Duravor Kreel.

Mesa Mundi Inc. & D20PRO

Mesa Mundi Inc. & D20PRO

Mesa Mundi Inc. is a full-service hardware and software solution provider with expertise in multi-touch displays, augmented and virtual reality, video conferencing platforms, custom application development, and interactive holography.

Mesa Mundi roughly translates to “world table” or “table of worlds.” The name is inspired by mappa mundi, the name for a medieval-era map depicting the world as it was then known. Our name embodies our belief in the power of technology to inspire people to collaborate, explore, imagine, and create.

D20PRO is our flagship window into these worlds. Providing a virtual play-space for board games, role-playing games and the like; D20PRO is focused on taking care of the gritty mechanics allowing players to focus on playing games together. As a networked platform, D20PRO allows for groups of local players and remote players to share the same experience despite the distance. D20PRO currently carries official licenses for Paizo and Wizards of the Coast with more licensed systems on the way!

Founded in 2009, we’ve deployed interactive smart display solutions for Fortune 500 companies, museums, small and medium businesses and consumers worldwide. Mesa Mundi Inc. been involved with the D20PRO project since the Summer (Gen Con) of 2009. In the Fall of 2014, D20PRO officially joined the family of products provided and developed directly through Mesa Mundi Inc. brand.