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002: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Absalom Docking Bay Fight

The Roll For Combat crew hits the ground running as they’re dropped into the middle of a firefight between rival gangs. Hirogi learns the value of taking cover, Mo teaches the value of smashing things really hard with a hammer, Tuttle takes C.H.D.R.R. out for a test drive, and Rusty… well, he just talks to his imaginary friends.

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001: Greetings And Salutations

In the first episode of Roll For Combat, we meet GM Stephen and our intrepid crew – the reptilian ruffian Mo Dupinsky; the trophy-hunting Lashunta Hirogi; the self-proclaimed brains of the operation, Tuttle Blacktail, and the uncomfortably good-looking Rusty Carter. We begin with introductions, chat about the new Starfinder universe, and then finally get to learn about Absalom Station and the Starfinder Society with our Very Special Guest Thurston Hillman from Paizo as our tour guide.

Also, make sure to check out the “Big Podcast Launch Giveaway” with over $1000 in prizes! And don’t forget to become a supporter of the podcast at our Patreon page: where you can help us while unlocking fun exclusive rewards for yourself!

Stephen Glicker


Stephen Glicker (The GM) first got into tabletop gaming after getting the Dungeons & Dragons “blue box” edition … which was so old it didn’t even come with dice! Instead, there was a piece of laminated paper with numbers ranging from 1 to 20. The player was instructed to carefully cut out the number chits, put them into a cup and whatever number was pulled from the cup was your “roll”. Despite this poor excuse for a d20, Stephen was instantly hooked.

In addition to tabletop gaming, Stephen began his career in computer games when he founded his first company during high school, Creative Simulations. Stephen published his first computer game Mall Maniacs for the Apple II computer system – which he also wrote, designed, and programmed – where players had to fight to survive in an apocalyptic future shopping mall filled with mutant creatures. It was a modest hit due to it’s “unique” premise.

After attending college, Stephen started the Manhattan-based full-service digital media agency SuperNova Productions. This award-winning, multi-million dollar company specialized in creating a large variety of projects for a wide variety of media, including web-based games, CD-ROM games, children’s games, cell phone games, and games for museums and galleries. Stephen has worked with some of the largest licenses in the world including Harry Potter, The Lion King, and Blue’s Clues, as well as many others.

Jason McDonald


Jason McDonald (Tuttle Blacktail) first got into tabletop gaming in his early teens with friends from his local neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA – mostly Dungeons and Dragons and Top Secret, but after a few beers, he might admit to having played a session or two of Boot Hill.

As childhood gave way to college and beyond, tabletop RPGs gave way to the computer variety (particularly MMORPGs and the Baldur’s Gate/Neverwinter games), leaving a trail of various characters named “Jerryx” strewn across the digital landscape. Jason’s sweet spot is cloth casters and dual-wield rogues – because if you can’t stab stuff or set it on fire, what’s the point?

By day, he’s an IT guy for a local university; at night … well he was fighting crime dressed as a giant bat, but the cease-and-desist letter from DC’s lawyers kinda put a stop to that, so he went and had some kids and bought a PS4 instead.

John Staats

John Staats

John Staats (Maurice “Mo” Dupinski) was born in raised in Akron, Ohio, and has been a roleplay gamer since 1979. Using his art background, he’s authored over dozen home-made adventures. His only break from roleplaying games was, oddly, during college, when he attended Kent State’s (#1 nationally-ranked) graphic design program for four years.

After school he moved to NYC for a decade to pursue a career in design/advertising and adopted 3D level design as a hobby after discovering level editors for early FPS games. Originally, his only aspiration was to walk around in his own dungeons (which got boring quickly). He built a number of Capture the Flag levels for his Quake mod team, Loki’s Minions CTF and they earned him a job in the gaming industry, building dungeons for World of Warcraft. He built most of the games non-instanced dungeons and half of its instanced dungeons. After Vanilla WoW he designed dungeons for three more expansions.

Bob Markee

Bob Markee

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Bob Markee (Rusty Carter) was obviously very confused as a young man. Fortunately, when he was 11 or 12 his older brother brought home an original Basic Set of a new game called “Dungeons and Dragons” which seemed to make living in Cleveland a little less of a problem.

Since then he’s managed to escape from the Midwest for most, though not all, of his life. Some foolish people gave him a Masters in History and then he accidentally fell into an IT career because that’s totally what people do with an M.A. in History, right? It’s really very confusing but fortunately, Mr. Markee has found out they keep updating the rules to games like that original 1970s D&D, which has made living with the chaos of his professional life a little less of a problem.

Chris Beemer

Chris Beemer

Chris Beemer (Hirogi) hails from Brooklyn, New York. He’s been a lifelong gamer over the years, spanning multiple different flavors of D&D as well as some more obscure RPGs. When he’s not gaming with the Roll For Combat group, he enjoys obsessing over his Warlock in World of Warcraft, and he’s never one to turn down a game of poker. He’s also a Mets fan, though “enjoys” may be the wrong word the last few months/years/decades.

Chris is also a huge fan of anything related to the Star Trek universe – anyone can have the TOS communicator sound as their ringtone, but Chris may even be willing to go to bat for Grand Nagus episodes of DS9. Don’t be surprised if we find some in-game reason to force him to sing the “Enterprise” theme song.

Tuttle Blacktail

Tuttle Blacktail

Tuttle Blacktail – that’s DOCTOR Tuttle Blacktail to you – is a junior researcher at the Perihelion Institute of Cybernetics on Verces. Tuttle started out as a ship’s mechanic but quickly discovered he had an aptitude for computer systems, at which point he turned his eye to the world of academia to further his training.

Years later, after achieving his doctorate (a fact he is sometimes obnoxiously proud of), Tuttle took a junior position at Perihelion, but his projects tended to be on the low end of the priority list due to his unconventional ideas and general lack of people skills. As a result, Tuttle has recently returned to his early spacefaring ways to help secure his own funding for his research.

Tuttle’s most recent creation is the Cybernetic Hybrid Dynamic Response Rover (C.H.D.R.R.) to assist him in his travels, both to serve as his bodyguard and to field-test some of his more advanced AI designs (two birds, one stone!), a design which he is constantly fine-tuning.



Even Dr. Blacktail himself would admit that C.H.D.R.R. Version 1.0 is a fairly rudimentary implementation of his overall plan, built almost entirely for combat operations.

Jump jets for limited vertical mobility, an advanced sensor array that allows limited threat detection outside the visible spectrum – unfortunately his weaponry is rudimentary, as Dr. Blacktail’s requests for military-grade weaponry were met with pushback from the local authorities on Verces.

As C.H.D.R.R. grows and evolves, the hope is to create an independent entity capable of a more diverse array of tasks, not just beating things with a glorified stick. But for now … BEATING PROTOCOL ENGAGED!