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Episode 4
004: CSI: Absalom Station
By on 10.17.17
A trip to Kreel’s apartment and further investigation reveal an intricate web involving Absalom’s street gangs as muscle for a miners’ labor dispute. Armed with new informati... READ MORE
Episode 3
003: Cops, Cut-Throats, and Career Opportunities
By on 10.10.17
Absalom's Finest work a little "Good Cop, Emotionless Android Cop" against the boys, Tuttle engages in a little light invasion of a dead man's privacy, and we learn about the biolo... READ MORE
Episode 2
002: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right
By on 10.03.17
The Roll For Combat crew hits the ground running as they’re dropped into the middle of a firefight between rival gangs. Hirogi learns the value of taking cover, Mo teaches the va... READ MORE
Episode 1
001: Greetings And Salutations
By on 09.26.17
In the first episode of Roll For Combat, we meet GM Stephen and our intrepid crew – the reptilian ruffian Mo Dupinsky; the trophy-hunting Lashunta Hirogi; the self-proclaimed bra... READ MORE

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