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Episode 31
031: Welcome to Ukalam Park!
By on 04.24.18
After spending days in the world of academia, tracking down leads, shopping, and packing the boys finally head out into Ukalam! Of course, the RFC boys land right into a big heap o... READ MORE
Episode 30.5
SFS01.1: #1-10 The Half-Alive Streets, Part 1
By on 04.23.18
We are proud to announce our new show, Roll For Combat Starfinder Society! This is our first foray into Starfinder Society and everyone has a new character. We have the original ... READ MORE
Episode 30
030: Fort Nite
By on 04.17.18
Huge show this week. First, the boys finally make it out to the jungle ... only be faced with a packing dilemma. With no hope for rescue, the boys need to make some tough decisions... READ MORE
Episode 29
029: Besides, You Know What A Cautious Fellow I Am
By on 04.10.18
It's another shopping spree on this week's show, but this one presents a different sort of challenge. This time they're headed out to an inhospitable jungle, and they have no idea ... READ MORE
Episode 28
028: Six Degrees of Investigation
By on 04.03.18
Nothing ever comes easy for our heroes, as it turns out Halkueem Zan's documents are missing from the university archives. Even more worrisome, so is Doctor Solstarni, the leading ... READ MORE
Episode 27
027: Meeting Of The Minds
By on 03.27.18
This week, the party flexes their diplomatic muscles as they have to untangle a dispute between Qabarat’s academics. The team zeroes in on the scholar they need to see to get acc... READ MORE
Episode 26
026: Back To School
By on 03.20.18
The boys return to Starfinder HQ for a debriefing and to get their next mission – investigate the strange alien writing they found on the Drift Rock. The trail leads to Hirogi’... READ MORE
Episode 25
025: Keeping Up with the Combatians
By on 03.13.18
ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS: We here at Roll For Combat recognize that jumping into an existing podcast can be a daunting task, especially one like this that involves an unfolding stor... READ MORE
Episode 24
024: Exit Through the Drift Shop
By on 03.06.18
The crew returns to the Drift Rock and the crew finally finds a way home. Unfortunately, it's being guarded by... something. Something with lots and lots of teeth. And the time has... READ MORE
Episode 23
023: The Mysteries of Lootboxing
By on 02.27.18
Things are finally looking up for the Roll For Combat crew, they even manage to find some mysterious loot that might just be their savior ... or their destruction. Plus somehow the... READ MORE

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