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Starfinder Adventure Path: Dead Suns
Episode 123
Dead Suns 123: Domo Arigato, Akiro Roboto
By on 02.14.20
It’s getting to that time in the fight where people are beginning to fail their “save vs. death” saves and things are getting ugly real fast. Also, GM Steve explores why h... READ MORE
Episode 122
Dead Suns 122: You’re Locked In Here With Me!
By on 02.07.20
What happens when you encounter a boss monster that you can’t see, can’t hit, and can’t kill? Run away!!! Also, learn how you can listen to the RFC Crew record our new pod... READ MORE
Episode 121
Dead Suns 121: Die, Robot
By on 01.31.20
It's the beginning of the end as the RFC Crew crash the bridge of the Empire of Bones ... and everything seemed to be going so well. Also, learn how you can listen to the RFC Cr... READ MORE
Episode 120
Dead Suns 120: The Five Stooges
By on 01.24.20
This week the RFC Crew are showered with priceless treasures ... and the GM is meet with nothing but endless complaints. Ingrates! Also, learn how you can get access to our new ... READ MORE
Episode 119
Dead Suns 119: Interview with the Undead
By on 01.17.20
As our heroes get closer and closer to their final confrontation with the Final Boss™, the RFC Crew have a nice little chat with the ship’s captain. It's monologue time! Als... READ MORE
Episode 118
Dead Suns 118: Undead of Unusual Size
By on 01.10.20
What’s better than an epic fight with a gargantuan magical beast? How about a fight with four gargantuan magical beasts! And don’t forget to become a supporter of the podcas... READ MORE
Episode 117
Dead Suns 117: The Taking of Blackwind 123
By on 01.03.20
This week the RFC Crew reach a new level and get a crash course on grav-train maintenance. As a bonus, we go over the history of the classic heist movie The Taking of Pelham 123. ... READ MORE
Pathfinder Adventure: The Fall of Plaguestone
Episode 30
Plaguestone 30: Baby Shark
By on 02.18.20
Don’t you hate it when you are planning what the party is going to do next and you are unexpectedly ambushed by multiple monsters at once? And don’t forget to join our Disc... READ MORE
Episode 29
Plaguestone 29: Here Comes The Drudge
By on 02.11.20
This week the RFC Crew decides to play a game of hopscotch, only instead of skipping over chalk lines, they need to skip over pools of bubbling acid! Also, learn more about our ... READ MORE
Episode 28
Plaguestone 28: Halfling Trap Detector
By on 02.04.20
After wading through filthy orc barracks, the RFC Gang unexpectedly discover decadence and opulence from the most unlikely of places. Also, learn more about our two new podcasts... READ MORE
Episode 27
Plaguestone 27: Parkour!
By on 01.28.20
This week Cade gets to wade through a room of filth and is rewarded with an endless barrage of attacks! Also, learn how you can listen to us recording our shows live! And don... READ MORE
Episode 26
Plaguestone 26: U Can’t Touch This
By on 01.21.20
Orcs, orcs, and more orcs. The RFC Gang encounters a clown-car of orcs this week and has to pull out all the stops before getting overwhelmed. Also, learn more about the new upc... READ MORE
Episode 25
Plaguestone 25: Have Fun Storming the Castle!
By on 01.14.20
The time has finally come for the RFC Gang to find and confront Vilree once and for all! Of course, they first need to find her hideout ... it’s time for adventure! Also this ... READ MORE
Episode 24
Plaguestone 24: Medieval Regression Search
By on 01.07.20
This week Celes decides to explore her past, and discovers that she comes from a long line of hoarders! And don’t forget to join our Discord channel, where you can play games... READ MORE